(July 17, 2012)
Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine do film shoot at The Gabarron Foundation in New York.
The movie Can a song save your life?, by the Irish director John Carney, will open in theaters in 2013

New York, a melting pot of artists and stars, flourishes each spring showing the large and small jewels of the city on the big screen each year. During the summer months it is very common for the majority of productions to do their locations and film shoots here because of the good weather. This has been the case with the site of The Gabarron Foundation in New York, where next November the Gabarrón International Awards will take place, which have served as the setting for the film Can a song save your life?, by the Irish director John Carney, whose film Once was a box office hit in the U.S., winning both an Academy Award and a Grammy.

The main cast is led by the London actress Keira Knightley (better known for the blockbuster hit Pirates of the Caribbean), the American Mark Ruffalo (who played the Hulk in the blockbuster hit Marvel’s The Avengers) and the very young California actress, Hailee Steinfel. Other highlights from the movie include Rob Morrow, the immortal “Dr. Joel Fleischman” in the TV series Northern Exposure, and the Californian Adam Levine, from the musical group Maroon 5, in his first feature film.

The location of The Gabarron Foundation once again was used for a seventh time, transforming the permanent gallery with the work of Cristóbal Gabarrón into the offices of an international musical production. In this scene, the production CEO (Rob Morrow) takes on a young talent, Dave (Adam Levine), and his girlfriend Greta (Keira Knightley). To find out more, we must wait a year, since the film will premiere in 2013.

With this new film shoot The Gabarron Foundation is establishing itself as a regular setting for New York film production companies who have previously used their location for shooting feature films, such as Whatever Works, by Woody Allen, or the TV series White Collar.

Caption: (left to right) Adam Levine, Rob Morrow, Keira Knightley and Juan Manuel Gabarrón pose in the New York location 

of The Gabarron Foundation.

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