Sixty poets from five continents pay tribute to the artist Cristóbal Gabarrón.

A group of 60 poets from five continents include Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Antonio Colinas, Luis Antonio de Villena and Albano Martins, who have united in the making of a tribute book containing poetic verses for the Spanish artist Cristóbal Gabarrón in order to celebrate his 50 year career as a painter and sculptor.

‘The Color of Life’ brings together poets from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, North Korea, Cuba, Spain, Gabon, Greece, Indonesia, Iraq, Kosovo, Mexico, Paraguay, Portugal, Tunisia and Venezuela. Besides being a poetry anthology with some of the most representative poets of all time, it is also the work of Cristóbal Gabarrón (Mula, 1945), as each poem was inspired by a piece of the artist in his long 50 year career as a painter, portrait painter, printmaker, sculptor and muralist.


Gabarrón, who has developed his career in the U.S., Spain, France and Italy, has based his career as an artist in a social way, with his closeness to the sports world and the promotion of art and culture since childhood. The artist, influenced by the most important pictorial trends, has gone through abstraction, imagination not familiarity, to develop his personal and original style.

His permanent vocation as a leader of culture and his desire to give back to society what it had given to him, led him in 1992 to build the Foundation named after him, based in Valladolid. There it works to bring art to society in various aspects, complemented by workshops and educational activities.

Besides The Cristobal Gabarron Foundation, which this year celebrates its twentieth anniversary, there are also the locations in Mula (la Fundación Casa Pintada), New York (The Carriage House Center for the Arts) and Barcelona.

At this time Cristóbal Gabarrón has public art exhibitions in Hasselt, Belgium ('Hero or Antihero') and at the Katzen Arts Center at the American University Museum in Washington ('Gabarron's Roots').

April, 2012