‘Automatismo’ by David Murcia

Exhibition dates: 04-24-14/ 05-25-14

Artist: David Murcia

Organizers: FCP

The Foundation Casa Pintada -  Cristobal Gabarron Museum will open the exhibition ‘Automatismo’ by David Murcia next Thursday April 24 at 8 PM. The Murcia artist invites us to the reflection about the unconscious creative process in this new exhibition from the finalist of the project II Convocatoria de Arte Emergente FCP. It is a personal analysis about the entailment of the artist’s context and imagination in the unconscious creative process and can be seen until May 25.

The artist plants the possibility to create collages of images that will reference his own creative process. Through migrations that he creates in his studies, searching for these references, he builds mental images that overlap in his paintings. They are cut outs, sketches, catalog images, photos that overlap to create new relationships and contradictions.

In Automatismo, David Murcia chooses random images in search of random connections. Only their contemplation and analysis allow for a more immediate significance. In the process of creating his works, he recollects concepts, objects, photographs, videos, and combines them in a mixture of ideas. After a random and fortuitous draw, he establishes automatic and incoherent relationships between these objects, so that later, these relationships could be understood, know what they mean; where the inflection point of the network he has just created is. “I always want to understand what icon of my imagery has created this relationship. When the message is clear and the reference, at least visually, I erase the covered information by tearing it or other techniques. The last layer is key or the bag over his head. It doesn’t matter what is covered or has been covered, and that only leaves the necessary letters to form the correct word, ignoring the rest of the sentence…”

The memories and images forge our perception of the visual world, experiencing the different physical situations unconsciously and subjected to images, memories that don’t depend on ourselves. Murcia forms his reality inside his studio, in the basis of thin and weak layers of his collection of images generated in his memory, and these, through repetition of the same parameters, they connect through the reiteration, the automation, or are simply organized through issues of maturation.



Artist Biography

The analysis of David Murcia’s (San Javier 1982) works has to be planted as mental states and not as artistic objects. They are relationships that have to do with my desire to know subjectivity is created and how the world perceives it. The interests in his works are reflected in his work by a logical contradiction playing with the double meaning and the methodology that approaches the absurd, as it believes it has to do with social and political structures that govern us. The irony always appears as a constant strategy and that plants a distance with mental constructions already established, and that allows for real explorations that have not been contemplated.

Licensed in Fine Arts by the University of Murcia in 2007 and with a Masters Degree in Art, Research and Artistic Creations by the Complutense University of Madrid, his works have been linked since his beginnings to the creation and the study of the artist, the geography of his studio, human’s geography linked to his creative space, altars and fetishes inside of his creative spaces, and digital mode expositions from the artist studio to the outside. David Murcia is currently represented by the German Art Gallery 100 kubik. He has collaborated with galleries in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Murcia. He is also a partner of the Temporalities and visuals in Contemporary Culture team in the University of Murcia, in which he is currently performing his doctoral thesis. He is also a member of the Cultural Association 4art, that for the last 10 years is a reference in the promotion of urban culture and the Region of Murcia.

‘Automatismo’ forms part of the finalist projects of II Convactoria de Arte Emergente of the FCP, designed to support young artist that desire to perform an original exhibition proposal in any of the temporary galleries within the new trends and contemporary modes of artistic expression.

The jury of the II Convocatoria de Arte Emergente of the FCP was integrated by Cristóbal Gabarrón, artist; Cris Gabarrón Cabero,  president of the Gabarron; Tomás Paredes Romero, President of the Art Critics Spanish Asociation (AECA); Javier Fuentes Feo, Director of CENDEAC of Murcia; Juan García Sandoval, Conservative of Museums and Exhibitions of the Autónoma community in the Region of Murcia; Salvador Andrés Ordax, Art History professor in the University of Murcia, and Julio César García Rodríguez, conservative of The Gabarron.