The Murcia artist Ginés Vicente presents ‘Bioforms’ at la Fundación Casa Pintada of Mula.

The exhibition, consisting of still lives and sculptures, will remain in el Museo Cristóbal Gabarrón until May 20.

The visual artist from Murcia, Ginés Vicente, exhibits from today until May 20 in Room 1 of la Fundación Casa Pintada - Museo Cristóbal Gabarrón (FCP). In this exhibition, entitled ‘Bioforms’, Vicente presents her latest work, nine futuristic still lives and four sculptures reminiscent of aliens.

In this artistic proposal, Ginés Vicente returns to the traditional concept of still lives. She maintains, in this way, the spirit of the classical concept, but not in the same way. Whereas before there was the indistinct painting of flowers, fruits, animals and related kitchen objects for the classics, now it is the reinterpretation of those same elements seen by the Murcia artist.

The nine paintings will be exhibited in Room 1 of la FCP thought to be the first sight of simple pencil compositions on paper, inhabited by impossible elements: genetically modified fruits and strangely formed fish. But the artist’s work “Towers of Gossip” not only has a technically impeccable composition but a depth that transforms the quotidian into something dreamlike and unreal. In the words of the artist, “the intention is to do a kind of painting. It is a nod to Spanish still lives”.

Ginés Vicente began her career in the early 90s as both a painter and draftsman, and in the last number of years she began to develop her first sculptures and included them, along with her paintings, in various exhibitions, as evident in this exhibition, ‘Bioforms’, in which there are three of her latest sculptures.