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The Gabarron International Awards to be held on November 27 in New York City

 New York, June 30, 2012

The Carriage House Center for the Arts, New York headquarters of The Gabarron Foundation in the United States, will host on November 27 the Eleventh Edition of the Gabarron International Awards to celebrate the Twentieth Anniversary of the founding of The Cristobal Gabarron Foundation of Spain (FCG). The Trustees of both foundations approved this initiative this June. The awards, which were held in Valladolid —headquarters of la FCG— for 10 years, will cross the Atlantic for its Eleventh Edition to continue encouraging the support of culture and creativity in Europe, in the United States and the rest of the world, from the revitalization of a transatlantic partnering base to meet the challenges of a complex world and increasingly globalized economy.

The Cristobal Gabarron Foundation was founded by the family of the Spanish artist with the support of the artist himself and various corporations and international institutions identified with the ideas and concerns that Cristobal Gabarron has advocated throughout his life: to educate and teach while defending, promoting and spreading art, science, thought and knowledge, namely, the culture in its broadest spectrum. A global view shared by the various branches of culture through which the Foundation wants to interact with the society in which it operates. 

This same promotion of Culture is precisely the objective of the International Awards and to seek to recognize the work and distinguish the exemplary record of both individuals and institutions engaged in the defense of those values that constitute the guiding principles of the Foundation itself, and its contribution to Humanity through culture, science, sports, economics and philosophy.

The jury will select the award winners of the Eleventh Edition, which will take place during the month of October, and the ceremony of the delivery of the Awards will take place in the internationally broadcast gala to be held in the exclusive New York headquarters in the heart of Manhattan, on East 38th Street, between Lexington and Third Avenues. This historic building, built in 1902 by the renowned architect Ralph S. Townsend, was declared a historical site in 1997 by the Heritage Preservation Commission of New York and was remodeled and turned into a cultural and exhibition center.  

The Gabarron Foundation —The Gabarron Foundation in the United States— is a private institution under the legal ownership of the United States founded on the 31 of May, 2001 by the family of the Spanish artist Cristobal Gabarron and his legal representatives in the United States.

“The Two Hemispheres”

Two hundred years ago in the city of Cádiz the first Spanish Constitution was enacted, while at the same time, the first Constitution of the History of the transcontinental area made by political representatives of various continents of the Planet’s two Hemispheres. The Constitution of Cádiz made a decisive imprint on many Latin American and European countries, and its influence on the world history of Constitutionalism has been regarded worldwide.

Today, two centuries later, we find ourselves in times of doubt and uncertainty about the global economy and politics, times when the citizens of many countries must make important sacrifices. The time has come to take firm steps forward to break new ground, to find ways to coexist and collaborate on group projects based on vision and a universal benefit for all Humanity. Therefore, from the site of the Old Continent, the action of the Gabarron Project now extends naturally “in both Hemispheres”, as declared by the Members of Cádiz, a global movement which achieves the renewal of values, that is, the opening of new meeting spaces without physical or geographical barriers.

With this global vision the capital of Spain, Madrid, becomes a benchmark in the European Union, and New York, the political and world financial center, as the first link in the American network. The new Madrid-New York partnership, that takes the extraordinary collection developed during the decades in the Castilian plateau, as the seed of the desired unity in seeking and proposing joint initiatives. The two Hemispheres share a link that the FCG aims to strengthen with the celebration of the Eleventh Edition of the Cristobal Gabarron International Awards on November 27 in New York, the Bicentennial Year of the first Constitution of the bi-hemispheric area of the world.

In previous editions the following persons were awarded:

Visual Arts: James Rosenquist, Peter Eisenman, Sir Anthony Caro, Richard Serra, Yoko Ono, Markus Lüpertz, Martín Chirino, Jan Fabre, Álvaro Siza, Sir Richard Rogers.

Performing Arts: Mstislav Rostropovich, Cristóbal Halffter, Amos Gitai, Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid, Irene Papas, Concha Velasco, Rafael Azcona, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Fernando Trueba, José Mercé.

Science and Research: Juan José López-Ibor Aliño, Henry de Lumley, Margarita Salas Falgueras, Valentín Fuster Carulla, Santiago Grisolía, Francisco José Ayala, Lynn Margulis, Carlos Cordón-Cardó, Emiliano Aguirre del Equipo del Yacimiento de Atapuerca, Pedro Cavadas.

Sports: Juan Antonio Samaranch, Zinedine Zidane, Miguel Induráin, Juan Oiarzabal, Fútbol Club Barcelona, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, Maria de Lurdes Mutola, Gemma Mengual, Alberto Contador, ING New York Marathon. 

Economics: Enrique Fuentes Quintana, Luis Ángel Rojo, Valpy FitzGerald, Ignacio S. Galán, José Barea Tejeiro, José Antolin Toledano, Eric S. Maskin.

Literature: Mario Vargas Llosa, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Francisco Ayala, José Manuel Caballero Bonald, Josefina Aldecoa, David Grossman, Cees Nooteboom, Jorge Edwards, Juan Marsé, Carlos Fuentes.

Thought and Humanities: Julián Marías Aguilera, Jean Dausset, Somaly Mam, Raúl Rivero Castañeda, Hugh Thomas, Slavoj Zizek, Alain Touraine, Dom Clemente Serna, Rodrigo Borja Cevallos, Azar Nafisi.

Restoration and Conservation: Daniele Rossi, Gianluigi Colalucci, Miguel Ángel Corzo, Pinin Brambilla, Jean Paul Ledeur, Matías Díaz Padrón, Lanfranco Secco Suardo, Ayuntamiento Villa Real de Navalcarnero, Jonathan Brown, Stéphane Pennec.

Lifetime Achievement: Guillermo Luca de Tena y Brunet, Belisario Betancur, Padre Jaime Garralda Barretto, Eduardo García de Enterría, Sami Naïr, Julio María Sanguinetti, Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Morgan Tsvangirai, Antonio Garrigues Walker, Ernesto Zedillo.


More information:

New York:  Elena Santoliquido │+ 1.212.573-6968events@gabarron.org

Valladolid:  July Casas │ +34.630.932.500jcasas@gabarron.org

Mula, Murcia:  Nieves Barnuevo │+34.696.643.327nieves@gabarron.org