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Casa Pintada Foundation – Cristóbal Gabarrón Museum of Mula, was opened the 8 of June 2005 by their Majesties, the King and Queen of Spain, who at the moment were the Princes of Asturias. Casa Pintada Foundation is an institution dedicated to exhibiting and studying the work of the international artist Cristóbal Gabarrón (Mula, 25 of April 1945),  as well as researching and promoting contemporary art.

Located in one of the most emblematic houses of Mula, Murcia, it was named Casa Pintada (Painted House) for its exceptional sgraffitos. The 12 of February 1982 it was declared Heritage of Cultural Interest, when it was still in ruins. This palatial residence, renovated and transformed into a Museum, has been housing for more than ten years the cultural project of the Casa Pintada Foundation. It was born and consolidated from the collaboration of The Gabarron Foundation with the municipality of Mula.

The permanent exhibition, organised throughout 8 different spaces, allows the visitor to travel through Gabarron´s artistic career, analysing the different facets of his paintings and sculptures, enjoying the wide range of techniques and materials used. From drawing to video, photography, printmaking, pigment, oil paint and art installation; all can be contemplated at the exhibition.  It is also home of sculptures on paper, fiberglass, ceramic, marble, bronze, cobber and silver.  The magnificent variety of artwork exhibited, turns the Museum into centre of reference of the work of the most international artist of the region, and of one of the main Spanish artists of his generation.

The Museum counts also with two spaces reserved for temporary exhibitions; Room 1 and The Wine Cellar. These are experimental spaces focused on promoting local, national and international emerging artists. They serve as a platform for contemporary creation, while acting as a sounding board of Murcia’s’ regional culture and art, outside its frontiers. Recently, a Library – Documentation Centre was created becoming part of the Foundations’ installations.

The Museum complements its programme of exhibitions with the organisation of educational activities and contemporary ateliers. The programmes Pintar idiomas and Método Gabarrón para aprender a pintar are a point of reference in the field of education. Pintar idiomas is aimed for children between 3 and 10 years old, focusing simultaneously on learning a new language and receiving visual arts’ education. Método Gabarrón para aprender a pintar, on the other side, is targeted to people of all ages. It encompasses training on visual art techniques, while participants are encouraged to develop their personal aspects by construing their self-confidence;  learning how to integrate in society and; being given the opportunity to present and defend their complex ideas and opinions without barriers.

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